for contributions & rescue efforts during the Chennai floods

Dear Sailors,

Congratulations on the splendid effort by team RMYC in providing rescue and then contributing to the relief efforts. With the help of the Coast Guard we managed to move tonnes of supplies to the affected!

Without exaggeration we were instrumental in -

  • helping evacuate over a 1000 people
  • moving over 500 tons of potable water in bottles and bulk
  • moving over 100 tons of supplies such as biscuits, bread and dry rations
  • moving 50 tons of blankets from Delhi
  • distributing over 50000 packets of cooked food

It is a matter of pride to belong to such a club and must mention and thank a few people here who made all this happen -

  Organizations -
  • The Local administration headed by Shri Atulya Misra I.A.S. who is managing the distribution of relief for the TN State Government.
  • The Indian Navy headed by Rear Admiral Alok Bhatnagar
  • The Indian Coast Guard headed by Inspector General SP Sharma
  • The Coastal Security Group headed by Asst. Director General of Police Dr. Sylendra Babu I.P.S.
  • JITO headed by Shri. Arun Jain, former CMD Polaris, they are supporting the Red Cross & Blue Cross
  • The Coromandel Harley Group headed by Shri Nilesh Kapadia
  • Tech Mahindra - Co-ordination by Mr Rajagopal
  • The Hindu - Co-ordination by Ms. Priya Venkat
  • Times Foundation - Co-ordination by Kaladevi and Anuradha from Bangalore
  • Riders Republic, Co-ordination by Kowshik Bangalore
  • Air India & Indigo

  Staff -
  • Ramesh - Needs a special mention as he moved to the main club as soon as he heard of this disaster and stayed there for days at a stretch keeping the club open for access to boats and relief material
  • Chinna, Vincent, Das, Vajravel, Ramu & Sashi of Aquatainment - braved the floods to rescue people
  • Sai - co-ordinated vehicle and supply movements and also donated whatever he could personally to the cause.

  Members -
  • Gayathree, Ayesha, Rajkumar, Anjan, Nandakumar, Ramesh, Ashish, Navaz, Kishore, Vidya, Vivek, Razak Bhai, Nilesh, Bhavani & Chiddi - who worked tirelessly during this period and also contributed generously.

This list is actually exhaustive and pardon me if I have not been able to mention all who played some part or the other in these operations.

A special shout of gratitude to Commandant Venkateshan and his team from the Coast Guard who worked night and day to ensure that suppose reach on time safely !

Chennai, I am sure is thankful to all of you and also to the various other Ngo’s and organisations who stepped up and helped despite the odds.

Take a bow all of you and now the painful task of rehabilitation and rebuilding starts. RMYC is proud to have partnered with Tech Mahindra and cleaned up Defence Colony which was one of the badly affected areas and was piled with garbage.

Our efforts will continue to help rebuild Chennai and we ask all of you to join and contribute in any which way you can so that we can give back to the city we dearly love, live and sail in !

Best Regards -
Shiva Swaminathan
Commodore - RMYC

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